Saturday, June 27, 2009

Titus and Christina's wedding

So who got me started taking wedding pictures?
My good bro Chris, ex-colleague from National Arts Council.
You can see his pictures at
A while ago, Chris asked me to join him for Titus and Christina's wedding shoot.

The Church of St. Mary of the Angels is a magnificent church. It is my first time to this church and I had fun shooting for Titus & Christina. This church has received the President's Design Award in 2006. May Titus and Christina's marriage receive the LORD's Eternal Blessing on this day,23rd May 2009.

frank foo

"Fire! Fire!" I meant "Christina! Christina!" (I love you)

these bros relax relax, they enjoying Titus' torment, took pictures somemore!

Even the parents are enjoying it!

"what must u call me? quick quick... call mummy(in-law)"

Church of St. Mary of The Angels

Titus with father in law (soon to be)

When are we starting? hungry...

Lai liao (I am here)

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