Monday, June 29, 2009

Anthony Lee & Jennylyn Gunabe Aquino's wedding

Through Imelda (Keith Neo's wife), I got to know Regina. Er, isnt this AJ's ROM? Regina is Anthony's very capable and attractive (guys, take note, she is single!) sister cum part time wedding planner (only for his bro.) Except for the bride and her gown, she was involved in every aspect of this special day (what a sister to have!). AJ is a prefect match, Jennylyn is pretty and sweet, Anthony is lucky and very lucky (kekeke). For that few hours, I enjoyed hanging around Anthony, there was not a dull moment! I wish them the very best in this journey of love.

frank foo

today i marry u......

but let me put on make up first!

bye from Dana, the makeup artist

we are coming!

Solmeniser went: i believed the couple has their personal vows for each other.
AJ went : huh?
(this really happened!)


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Titus and Christina's wedding

So who got me started taking wedding pictures?
My good bro Chris, ex-colleague from National Arts Council.
You can see his pictures at
A while ago, Chris asked me to join him for Titus and Christina's wedding shoot.

The Church of St. Mary of the Angels is a magnificent church. It is my first time to this church and I had fun shooting for Titus & Christina. This church has received the President's Design Award in 2006. May Titus and Christina's marriage receive the LORD's Eternal Blessing on this day,23rd May 2009.

frank foo

"Fire! Fire!" I meant "Christina! Christina!" (I love you)

these bros relax relax, they enjoying Titus' torment, took pictures somemore!

Even the parents are enjoying it!

"what must u call me? quick quick... call mummy(in-law)"

Church of St. Mary of The Angels

Titus with father in law (soon to be)

When are we starting? hungry...

Lai liao (I am here)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Yong Chien & Li Hoon's wedding

Yong Chien, the genlteman as always.
Li Hoon, the caring & sincere teacher.
What impressed me most is their devotion to God since the day they pledged their lives to Jesus.
On 28 Feb 2009 my 2 Bro & Sis in Christ pledged their lives to each other.

frank foo

It's sabo time!

William to YC: Bro, we kena fine for illegal parking.

Rain rain go away....

Singing wont do, got to pray!

How to cross? so muddy....

Where is LH?

I tell you....

she is here!

Pastor Cheong's sermon notes.

Pastor Cheong at his best, making everyone happy.

Silent prayer

Words of wisdom from main pastor/solmeniser John L.

Say "kiss"